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Yep... I haven't done a Podcast since Halloween - thanks for reminding me. Whatever - happy new year all!!!
This month features some decent noise, the odd rant, an interfering kitten, and my usual train-of-thought verbal diarrhea sprayed all over it. Nice.... Track list goes (something) like this -
July - Dandelion Seeds
Sputnik Brown - Superstar
Haiku D'etat - Non Compos Mentis
Sage Francis, B.Dolan, Metermaids - Bad Things (THEORY 77 REMIX)
Mark B - Fresh, Fly, Wild & Bold (THEORY 77 Cold Crush Brothers DEATH MIX)
Tom Waits - Satisfied
Cherokees - Wondrous Place
Prolyphic & Buddy Peace - NY Jets - REQUEST
Organised Konfusion - Releasing Hypnotical Gases
Melodica Deathship - The Wreck O' The Elizabeth Dane
Apocalyptica - Fade To Black

...A day late going up. Damn it. Oh well - It's 364 days until HALLOWEEN!!!
The usual babble and crap talking from me in between some tasty and spook-ridden music. It's good yah? Here's the playlist although almost certainly in a different order...
"Halloween" - Kay Lande and Wade Denning
"It's Halloween" - The Shaggs
"Dracula" - Christine Pilzer
"Night of The Vampire" - Moontrekkers
"Midnight Monsters Hop" - Jack and Jim
"Mostly Ghostly" - Hans Conreid and Alice Pearce
Fabienne desol - "Gonna Haunt you" (for the chick)
"Mad Monster Party" - Ethel Ennis
Some Spooky Library Music
"They're Here" - Boots walker
"Ghoulies" Title Music - (VHS Rip)
"The Rockin' Ghost" - Archie Bleyer
"Halloween 77 Versus the Sex & Death Torture Chamber Of Hell" - Theory 77

A killer show this month to make up for my diabolical slackness as of late - sorry.
The Halloween Podcast, however, is already sorted so at least that one will go up on time. Maybe.

In between the usual waffle and train of thought mumbling you have this lot....
Play list -
The Proov - "The Story"
The Heavy - "Short Change Hero"
El-P - "Time won't Tell" (Nocando Remix)
Lazy Smoke - "Salty People"
Aceyalone - "The Grandfather Clock"
Charles Bradley - "Stay Away"
Jim Guthrie - "The Maelstrom" and "Ode to a Room"
The Left - "Desperation"
Leaf Hound - "Freelance Fiend"
The V.I.P's - "I Wanna Be Free"

Blah blah blah...Yes it's late. Punch me in the face.
Share and enjoy.

See you next time for the spooky show. YES!

Late as always - Apologies. A bunch of good and/or weird music in between the usual babbling nonsense that falls out of my dipshit mouth.
The playlist goes something like this although almost certainly in a different order....Thanks for the ears. Hugely appreciated.

Kool G Rap & Polo - Death Wish
13 & God - Death Major
Brewer and Shipley - All Along The Watchtower
The Reptiles - Floating
Poor Righteous Teachers - Ghetto We Love
Ronnie and de Ronnies - Daar In De Vilderness
Del - Wack MC's (Request)
Dave Van Ronk - Motherless Children
Theory 77 - Sick Industry (WATCH THE VIDEO AT VIMEO)

Episode twenty? Holy crap....If I do say so myself, this show's a pretty good one. I even sound a little like I know what I'm doing on here. Nuts.

Blahdy blah, yeah lost my job yesterday. Government cut-backs, Royal weddings, War and other UK twattery. Whatever. It's Summer. I can cope with being a bum again for a while.

Also means I can catch up on the mountain of half finished music and weird projects that have been sitting there laughing at me over the past year or so. Expect a load of new stuff from me soon. Stay tuned.

Also like to take this oppurtunity to thank everyone that subscribes to this show every month (ish?).
It means a lot and I truly appreciate it. Never thought this would be as popular as it weirdly is.

So thank yuh!
Hope I continue to keep you entertained for a while more.

Biz Markie - "Funk is Back"
Hawk and a Hacksaw - "Waltz for String and Tuba"
The prick that is ME - "Notskee" (crappy Youtube rip)
Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen - "Old Man Mose is Dead"
Merlin and Bomb the Bass - "Megablast (Rap Version)"
Josh Martinez - "Tour is War"
Woven Hand - "Singing Grass"
Mans Best Friend - "Rep Resent"
Mellow Candle - "Silver Song"
B.Dolan - "Reptilian Agenda" (Theory 77 Remix)
Brother Ali - "Champion"

Well this months show was going to be a sort of twisted Valentine special but, as always, I got side-tracked and it's super late. Now it's half that and half whatever. No worries. Expect the usual rambling tangents from me in between a bunch of good music. Enjoy. Behold the playlist....

Kool Keith - "Sex Style"
Julia Lee - "Gotta Give Me What You Got"
Buck 65 - "Gee Whiz"
Bo Carter - "Let Me Roll Your Lemons"
B.Dolan - "Bail it Out" (Theory 77 Remix) EGGSKLOOSIVE!
Gloria Jones - "Tainted Love"
Watsky - Untitled
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - "Put A Spell On You"
Casual - "You Flunked"

Another late Podcast. I'm getting predictable. I've got some feeble excuses but I'm not going to bore you with such crappery - I'll just get on with it.
To make up for the fact that the last show was filled up freaky cartoon music this months playlist is predominately Hip Hop. I've got to pretend I'm tough again. I also have lots of guns. Here's the playlist kind of...

Percee P - "Puttin' heads to bed"
Mr Lif - "Live from the Plantation"
Craig Mack - "Real Raw"
Extra Prolific - "Brown sugar"
Silver Bullet - "Never Authorise Apocalypse"
CCS - "Sixteen Tons"
Cab Calloway - "Minnie the Moocher"
Eydea and Abilities - "Now"

Next month is going to be totally differnt. Apologies for the delay.
Hope you liked the show. Loves yuh - Your friend Mike.

Greetings spooky peeps. Apologies for the delay. I meant to get this out there a little earlier but I've had the plague for a week or so - I've been busy sweating out evil demons into the mattress. The music I've brought along should make up for the spluttery, whiny and snot-fuelled hosting....Here's the track list although I think I've cocked up the order. Not to worry.

Jack Zacherley - "Happy Halloween"
Billy Gholston - "Monsters a-go-go"
Hans Conreid - "Dracula Trot"
Theory 77 - Something new and disturbing that I haven't titled yet. Try not to take this one too seriously ladies...
October Country - "My Girlfriend is a Witch"
Depth Charge - "Dead by Dub"
Some chump - something truly dreadful
Tony and the Monstrosities - "Igors Party"
Outpost 31 - Untitled Demo
Messer Chups - "Mobile Coffin"

Latest Radio Rust show. As usual a load of mumbling crap from me with the occasional screw up here and there.
Here's the vaguely accurate play list:
- Jingle time.
- The Music Machine "Come on in"
- Roscoe Holcomb "Ain't got no sugar"
- Jedi Mind Tricks feat The Rugged Man "Uncommon Valour: A Vietnam Story"
- Woven Hand "Cripplegate: Standing on Glass"
- Bob Landers with Willie Joe and his Unitar "Cherokee Dance"
- Cenobites "I was Forgotten"
- Hank Williams "Ramblin' Man"
- Sage Francis "Waterline" (Theory 77 Remix) - EXCLUSIVE KIDS!
- Company Flow "Bad Touch Example"
- Some '45 that the grey potato put me onto.

Been busy over the past couple of months. Apologies for the delay.
This Michael has issues.

Here's the shoddy, none-too-accurate Playlist for this months show.
I sound even more like a moron on this one.

- Jingle of Joy.
- Murray Schaff (maybe?) - "Tombstone Number Nine"
- Blind Willie Johnson - "Nobodies Fault But Mine"
- Leaders Of The New School - "What's Next?"
- Davendra Banhart - "Cosmos And Demos"
- The Sonics - "Louie Louie"
- Some band I forgot since recording from the vinyl - "Cowboys and Indians"
- Woody Guthrie - "Pastures Of Plenty"
- Blind Willie McTell - "Cold Winter Day"
- Relatively Clean Rivers - "Persian Caravan"
- Master Ace - "Saturday Night Live"

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