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After finally realising that I've been a little bored talking to myself in the attic on each show all these years, I've decided to take things in another direction.
So folks, from this point on I'll be hosting the show with my good buddy DJ Format.
Together we'll be talking inane nonsense, teary eyed nostalgia, power nerd record facts and the odd interesting debate here and there.
We plan nothing. Here's the first admittedly sketchy attempt live from Matt's secret cave.... Enjoy!


Late again...I've been busy. That's all for excuses this time. Playlist goes like this (ish) :

*Some beat I did. *Labi Siffre - I Got The Blues. *Milo - Geometry and Theology. *RA The Rugged Man - Bang Boogie. *Midwinter - Sanctuary Stone. *Yardbirds - Lost Women. *John Saunders - Myriad. *Them - Call My Name. *Fodor Balaz - Everybody Has Another Life. *Death In The Afternoon - Oh Youth. *D-Styles - Untitled. *Sir Douglas Quintet - Son Of Bill Baety. *Pharoah Monche - Let My People Go. *Othello & 14KT - Bang. *Schoolly D - Seven Eleven (Theory 77 Remix). *Theory 77 - House Of Blue Paint.


So that's officially the WORST thumbnail I've ever spat out for this podcast....god that's woeful isn't it? Usual crap talking and delightfully random playlist...something like this.
Magma - Camille Sauvage. Sexy Girls - Gert Wilden. 2 Bone Giants - Gear down. Bill Wendry & the Boss tweeds - A wristwatch Band. Somehow Art - day at the office. Sole - People Piss me off. Ravi Harris - Thunderbird. Some folk thing I forget. Fabio frizzi - Verso L'alba. Andre Hossein - Cimetero Senza Croce. Acid Reign - Wake up. Homeboy Sandman - React. Theory 77 - Sick (Rough version). Janko Nilovic - Duty Free. Fine Machine - Obsessing Promenade.


Unbelievably late podcast. Even by my standards. Oh well. It's a belter to make up for my tardiness. Also it's free anyway so what do you want? Leave me alone. Thanks for listening - loves yuh! The play list is sort of like this - Edan (instrumental), Sapphire Thinkers, Angel Pavement, Stelvio Cipriani, Themselves, Lesiman, Kaleidoscope, Tony Kinsey, Wiki, Alan Tew, Alan Lomax, Agincourt, Amalgamation OPMC, Schoolly D, Some Library thing, Gigantics, Library again, Ghostface, RJD2....ENJOY!


Happy new year all.
New show. The usual busted mix with all the crap talk and needless space echo you've come to expect from the idiot they call me. Apologies for the brief audio-fart with the Mic at the end there - no idea what happened there. Anyway, solid music. Enjoy. Here's the playlist...kinda.

*Some beat - I forget
*Chocolate Watch Band - I'm Not Like Everybody Else
*Spirit - The Other song
*Dose One - My Horoscope 1
*Yukka - Metamorphosis
*Tajai & Extra Prolific - Let it Ride
*Tuesday Apil 19th - We're Growing
*Awol One - Static (Instrumental)
*Voicemail - records & lies from Waxer
*Chocolate Watch Band - Dark Side Of The Mushroom
*Doppelgangaz - What am I?
*Velvet Night - Velvet Night
*Patterns Of Evil - Gunslinger Beat Tape
*Mo Kolours - Banana Wine
*Jon & Roy - Deerfoot
*Omid - Live In Tokyo
*Aceyalone, Self Jupiter & Peace - When the Sun Took A Day Off
*The Travellers - Smiling Face Flushing Heart
*Jimmie Driftwod - He Had a Long Chain On

Finally I got one out EARLY! This months "mix" is filled with soundtrack stuff, VHS rips, spooky noise, breaks, pysch, weirdness and the usual crap that spills out of my excitable mouth. Enjoy and share the scares...(lame). The playlist would take me an age to type out so I'm not. I play a lot of stuff. I tell you what it all is at halfway-ish. Laterzzzz. X

Slightly longer show with a slightly different format this month - let me know if you slightly like it better this way. Usual crap talk from me and a bunch of good music. This is probably my favourite show to date. So there. Playlist is a bit all over the place (details within) but it's got 60's Psych, old and new Hip Hop, Dub stuff, Blues stuff, me stuff, library stuff and bum fluff. Enjoy and tell you're Mothers how much you did. Michael. x

As usual it's late as hell - WOO!!
Expect the usual inane chatter from me in between the bits that you might want to actually listen to...
Playlist goes (something) like this -

El-P - Full Retard
Paul Kass/Gord wazek - White Lightning 1
Chrysalis - Dr Root's Garden
DJ Format feat Edan - Spaceship Earth
Timothy Leary - Epilogue
Aesop Rock/Portishead/J Kingz - Freeze/Sour Times
Tricky - Hell Is Round The Corner
Dead Kennedys - Raw Hide
CMW - This is Compton

Went to the Dentist before I recorded this one so excuse the numb and floppy-lipped babble...I sound even worse than usual. A delightful experience. ENJOY!

Dr Alimantado - Poison Flour
Exile - Klepto
The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog
LL Cool J & K-Def - Year Of The Hip Hop
The Exotics - I Was Alone
Ze Rodrix - Esconderijo
Grieves ft Mr Lif - Irreversible
Jungle Brothers - In Dayz 2 Come
The Mousers - I Know About My Baby
Scram Jones - One September day
Carnage - HWCTOATB

Hallmark day is upon us once again - I've decided to celebrate this inane occasion by putting together a "Themed" show...so expect adultery, smut and doom aplenty. I've also done an exclusive LIVE one-take track half way through - WOO! FUN STUFF! Oh yeah...this months show is very NSFW. I can't remember the playlist at the moment so I'll put that in later. ENJOY LOVERS!

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